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Can the NCP politically survive as one single party?

  Can the NCP politically survive as one single party?  The on-going political power struggle between the Nepal Communist Party two chairpersons possessing two different communist principals and ideologies is nothing but their political egos which have surfaced now for their own political interests.   How could it be possible for the second rung leaders and the NCP as a whole to accommodate and hold these two highly ambitious and opportunist chairpersons together? As the political and constitutional experts opine that these two chairpersons agreeing to merge their parties just before the three levels of election held in 2017 was nothing but to fulfil for their personal political benefits. It has been almost three years the NCP has not been able to complete their unification process because of their two different communist principles and ideologies. The political feud at the apex level of the NCP will continue to exist until one of the chairpersons agrees to compromise with the ot

What a political mess?

What a political mess? It has been almost three years the then UML and the then Maoist (Centre) had merged forming the Nepal Communist Party (NPC) which was able to garner almost two thirds majority votes during the general elections. Was it a marriage of convenience between these two communist parties having different political philosophy for the sake of their political benefits or was it really for the sake of national interest? This ambiguity is still alive considering the on-going political tug of war between the two chairs. The NCP has not been able to complete their merger process even after three years of merger announced just before the three tiers of elections. The opportunist behaviour and attitude of the other senior leaders of the NCP has been another factor for the on-going internal political feud which has completely tarnished the political image of the ruling party. The people seem to be completely frustrated with the government for its sluggish and poor performanc