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What a fantastic news!

  What a fantastic news! It was encouraging and wonderful news to read about the Khumbu region of Nepal has successfully inoculated about 98% of all the people above the age of 18 until last Monday. This has been possible with the sincere effort of Khumbu Pasanglhamu Rural Municipality of Solukhumbu district in a bid to fight against Covid-19 by inoculating as many people as possible and applying strict measures to avoid contagion.  The local authority only allows travellers who are completely vaccinated (with both doses) to enter the Khumbu region. Otherwise, they would need to show a proof with negative PCR report in order to enter the region. Domestic and international tourists traveling through roadway are required to do the antigen tests at Kharikhola Community Health Centre in Khumbu Pasanglhamu RM-1 and Chaurikharka Health Post in Khumbu Pasanglhamu RM-3. In case their tests result in a positive, the person must expend on their own for the isolation facility provided by th

Is this the man-made disaster?

  Is this the man-made disaster? The Melamchi river, that had swept away houses and land, and converted Helambu, Kiul and Melamchi market into a desert on July 15, has again gone wild sweeping away scores of houses and bridges in Sindhupalchok on Sunday August 1, 2021 morning.                                                 Flood has damaged as many as eleven houses in Melamchi Saturday night on July 31, 2021. The building of Radio Melamchi was also swept away in flood. Photo: RSS   The red bridge over the river in Chanaute has also been swept away at around 7:45 this morning.The bridge was the only way connecting Melamchi-7 and 8, Panchpokhari 1 and 2 and many wards of Helambu.   With the collapse of the bridge, traffic in the area has been badly damaged and shut making the lives of the local people difficult. The floods have also washed away a suspension bridge in Gyalthum. It is yet to be seen whether the government will act soon to relocate the effected people who have enti