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Prasai’s one-man show

The Himalayan Times 16 February 2024 Prasai’s one-man show Durga Prasai hails from a prominent business family in Nepal. Born into a wealthy and privileged family in Jhapa district, he was exposed to the complexities of entrepreneurship from a young age. He is alleged to have defaulted on a loan worth NPR 750 million lent by Nabil Bank to establish a hospital in Jhapa. After receiving a nomination to the central committee in December 2021, Prasai was given the position of deputy head of the party's industry, trade, and supply section but was expelled from the party in February 2023 for working against the party. Previously, he found to be sympathetic to the Maoists. The “campaign to protect nation , nationalism, religion, culture and citizens’, led by him, has been the talk of the town and his growing number of supporters are seen in the streets of the main cities. He has been holding frequent social and political campaign against the current federal structure saying it i

Restoration of monarchy

The Himalayan Times 9 February 2024 Restoration of monarchy Since 2008, we have seen ten different governments and five different Prime Ministers who did not complete their full five year terms after unconstitutionally dethroning king. Some of them did not even seat in their chair for one year. So-called people’s war crimes and high-profile corruption cases during these years have gone so far unpunished. President pardons a murderer serving a life sentence. The level of people’s frustration towards the federal system is growing by days and seems to be started outpouring in the streets. The political parties and their senior leaders continue to undermine the people’s voices concerning their difficult lives owing to bad governance, skyrocketing market prices of commodities and rampant corruptions at all level of the governments among others. Pro-monarchy and pro-Hindu state forces and fringe political parties have stepped up their activities and been flexing their social and

Political insecurity?

The Himalayan Times 2 February 2024 Political insecurity? Nepal was converted into a constitutional republic on May 28, 2008. Accordingly, the first parliamentary election was held in 2008 and the first president and a vice president were elected. Then a prime minister was appointed along with his cabinet members and the Constituent Assembly (CA) was formed among other constitutional bodies. The CA was tasked with writing a new constitution within four years. However, the first CA failed to draft the constitution pushing the nation almost into a constitutional crisis. It was the second CA which drafted the 2015 constitution. The nation has been experiencing a democratic republic and the current federal structure for the last one and half decades raising high hopes of the common people. However, it seems that the republican dreams of the people are being shattered owing to the egoistic and irresponsible political acts of senior political leaders. The people have now started rai