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 WALK AWAY Nothing special, however, thought to share it assuming this could be a useful tips for your life in the days to come. I got it from a friend of mine wishing me good day.   HAVE A WONDERFUL SATURDAY 👍 🙏🙏


  Seto Machindranath, also known as Janabaha Dyo, Avalokiteśvara, Karunamaya, Guanyin, is a deity worshiped by both Hindus and Buddhists in Kathmandu, Nepal. The temple of Seto Machindranath is located in Gana Bahal (also known as Machhindra Bahal). Located at Keltole between Ason and Indra Chok in central Kathmandu, the temple is believed to have been established around the 17th century. Seto Machindranath is worshiped as an aspect of Avalokiteshvara.   Seto Macchindra Temple at Machhindra Bahal Priests performing a holy bath to Seto Machhindranath before leaving the temple for chariot procession       Being taken to the Chariot   Chariot procession amidst thousands of devotees Every year, the deity's image is placed in a chariot and paraded around Kathmandu in a festival known as Jana Baha Dyah Jatra. The deity is bathed and repainted every year as a ritual that symbolizes the changes occurring throughout one's life. The four huge wheels of the chariot, each represents se