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Possibility of Influx of foreigners?

Possibility of Influx of foreigners? The House of Representatives (HoR) passed an amendment to the Nepal citizenship, first amendment bill 2022, with a majority on July 22, 2022. The bill was passed through a fast track. EARN JUST BY CLICKING ADS Following are the main three elements in the amended bill. HELLO NEPAL 1 1. Statelessness of citizens by birth: The bill will enable children of citizens by birth to obtain Nepali citizenship. The proposed amendment to the citizenship law aims to give citizenship by descent to those born to parents with citizenship born to citizens by birth. 2. Citizenship with the mother’s name: The bill will enable children of Nepali mothers whose fathers cannot be traced to obtain citizenship by descent. The proposed amendment will enable children to get their citizenship through their mother by descent if he/she is living in Nepal. This even goes for people who do not know who their fathers are. For this, the mother has to self-declare tha

Janardan Sharma resigns amidst accusation of committing financial crime

Janardan Sharma resigns amidst accusation of committing financial crime Finally, Finance Minister Janardan Sharma resigned from his position amid widespread criticism following charges that he had employed two unauthorized persons to twist around tax rates in 2079/80 proposed annual budget on May 28, a day before he was supposed to present the budget in     the parliament. However, he condemned the main opposition’s lawmakers’ accusation about his misconduct before announcing his resignation in the parliament yesterday. Parliament has constituted an 11-member investigating panel comprising lawmakers of different political parties in the parliament to investigate Sharma’s act of breaching the budgetary discipline. In fact, Sharma put himself in more trouble after his ministry refused to provide CCTV footage to the parliament citing ministry’s CCTV automatically deletes its footages after 15 days. Constitutional experts opine that his acts of breaching the budgetary discipline is a