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Punish the corrupt

The Himalayan Times 30 June 2023 Punish the corrupt Following the promulgation of the new constitution in 2015 and the implementation of the federal structure accordingly, the level of corruption has increased at all three levels of government owing to the insincerity and immoral acts of political leaders of all the major political parties and inactive role of the Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA). If the political leadership had been committed to controlling corruption as promised to the people, its level would have been definitely minimal. But this is rarely happening in the Federal Republic of Nepal, thus weakening democracy. It seems they talk loudly about corruption control before the people but try to cover up the scam by using their political power. As a result, rampant corruption is prevalent everywhere, from petty bribes to big corruption scandals. The general perception is that all the wings of the state—government, judiciary and security agen

Political survival

The Himalayan Times 23 June 2023 Political survival Nepal and its people have witnessed and experienced many ups and down in its political history, especially during the last one and half decades. Considering the existing critical economic situation and political uncertainty, it seems that the nation might plunge into serious social disorder and political turmoil if the so-called major political parties, including the 10-party coalition government, continue to undermine the people’s voices and their hardships due to sky-rocketing market prices of daily consumable goods. Looking at the on-going 2080/81 budget deliberation in the House, lawmakers even from the ruling parties are blaming the government for not properly addressing the needs of the hours and spreading the budget here and there. It remains to be seen if next year’s proposed budget will get approved.  With a goal to establish socialism in the country as stated in the constitution, four left-aligned political parties-t

Grievances of ex-fighters

The Himalayan Times 16 June 2023 Grievances of ex-fighters Since its formation in 1994, the Communist Party of Nepal- Maoists (CPM-MC) has gone through a series of social and political transformations, shifting from its jungle politics to entering mainstreaming politics following the 12-point comprehensive peace agreement with the then seven-party alliance in 2006. The decade-long civil war that resulted in the loss of some 17,000 lives and complete disruption of the national development activities has now been the main concern and question of the people about its necessity considering its political role and performance in the last one and half decade of national politics. It seems that the rehabilitation of disqualified combatants were not properly done, resulting in their time and again protests against their senior leaders for not being serious and sincere to addressing their hardships. The first discharge of disqualified combatants began from the Dudhauli, Sindhuli based

PM’s controversial visit

The Himalayan Times 9 June 2023 PM’s controversial visit Prime Minister Dahal’s recent four-day official visit to India remained controversial considering the way he was welcomed upon his arrival in India and his religious visit to Indore in Madhay Pradesh, keeping aside the exchange of documents, related to a) Treaty of Transit between Nepal and India; b) MOU for the development of the Integrated Check Post at Dodhara-Chandani; c) MOU on Cooperation in the Field of Petroleum Infrastructure; d) MOU between the Institute of Foreign Affairs (IFA) of Nepal and Sushma Swaraj Institute of Foreign Service (SSIFS) of India; e) MOU for the Development of Phukot-Karnali 480 MW Hydro-electricity Project; f) Project Development Agreement (PDA) of Lower Arun 669 MW Hydro- electricity Project, and g) MOU between National Clearing House Limited Nepal (NCHL) and National Payment Company India Limited (NPCIL) for cross-border payments, between the two governments “Nepal. India agree on long-te

Pro-parties budget

The Himalayan Times 2 June 2023 Pro-parties budget The 10-party coalition government has unveiled the 2080/81 annual budget “Nepal's Budget 2080/81: Promoting prosperity, reducing disparity, and emphasizing sustainability” (THT, May 29, Page 1). At a time when the economy is in recession, the government announced its policies and programmes to bring the budget for the next financial year 2080/81 a few days ago. Some economists opine that this budget is nothing but continuation of the same old tradition trying to spread the budget here and there without clearly realizing the real need of the moment. This is a pro-parties’ budget which will not be able to address the national issues and people’s concern during this acute economic crisis. Of the total annual budget of Rs. 1,793.83 billion allocated for the coming fiscal year, Rs. 753.40 billion (42 per cent) has been allocated for current expenditure and Rs. 380.38 billion (21.2 per cent) for the capital expenditure. Similar