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Lack of political morality

The Himalayan Times 17 May 2024 Lack of political morality We have witnessed that the country has been ruled by the same set of tried and tested political leaders who have completely failed to fulfil their promises to make the nation prosperous and raise the living standard of the common people. Ever since the first CA election, same faces are on the political musical chairs to lead the nation, who could not prove to be different from the others considering their leadership capabilities. Some political and constitutional experts even opine that time has come for the political parties to consider if there should be a two-term cap for their leaders—both for leading the party and the government. The question of morality these days in national politics is a much talked about issue now, considering the on-going irresponsible and self-cantered political acts of the so-called senior leaders of the big parties and some fringe parties. Despite seeing political changes time and again,