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Political uncertainty

  The Himalayan Times 18 February 20121 Political uncertainty It seems that the on-going political tussle between the two factions of the Nepali Communist Party (NCP) will not come to an end until the Supreme Court gives its verdict in the next couple of days. Until then, the common people will have to bear the brunt of their irresponsible and insensible political acts. PM Oli continues to claim that he was compelled to dissolve the HoR to prevent the country from falling into the deep pit of instability and political conspiracies, pointing fingers at his rival faction “I was not given chance to fulfil promises made to people, says Prime Minister Oli” (THT, Feb 16, Page 1).   On the other hand, Prachanda and Madhav Nepal faction has left no stone un-turned to blame Oli for the HoR dissolution unconstitutionally and has been challenging him in every way possible “Dahal challenges Oli to prove Ram's birthplace” (THT, 17 Feb. Page 3). I do not feel comfortable saying the consequ

PM missed opportunity

The Himalayan Times 11February 2021 PM missed opportunity Defending PM Oli’s decision to dissolve HoR and go for the election for fresh mandate, one of his lawyers disclosed the other day at the Supreme Court that the PM had dissolved the HoR with the objective of winning the two thirds majority to amend the constitution “House dissolved for two-thirds majority” (THT, Feb 9, Page 2). What a fantastic idea it was to dissolve the HoR when his government had almost a two-thirds majority in the House. Had he diligently proposed such a noble thought of amending the constitution to address the concerns and issues of all the people to the other political parties, he could have easily garnered a two-thirds majority support from the then HoR for amending the constitution.  But, the way he abruptly dissolved HoR, accusing the other faction of his party for not letting his government perform well. did not seem to be palatable to his rival faction and the other political parties. As a result, t

Are there any clandestine political motives?

  Are there any clandestine political motives? I am sure the people might have been now more confused looking at the on-going political mess on the streets and wondering which party is in the government and which party is against the government at such time when both factions are claiming to be the authentic NCP and when the deliberation is going on at the Supreme Court (SC) about the HoR dissolution. The people have started casting doubts on the recent obstructive political activities of these two factions whether there were any clandestine agenda and motives between these two factions to derail the recent mass demonstrations of pro-Hindu and pro-royalist groups.               It was surprising to see the government led by Oli faction itself organizing such mass protest in the capital city and seemed to be the gross misuse of power, state resources and machinery in the name of defending democracy and republican order. On the other side, the other faction led by Prachand-Madhav N

Don’t coerce apex court

  The Himalayan Times 4 February 2021 Don’t coerce apex court Following the dissolution of the House of Representatives (HoR) on December 20, different political parties, political analysts, constitutional experts, civil society leaders and individuals have been demonstrating for and against it in the streets. PM Oli’s rival faction in the party, led by Prachand and Madhav Nepal, seem to be more vigorously protesting in the streets against the HoR dissolution, claiming it as a regressive move and unconstitutional, and threatening to make the protest more aggressive in the coming days. Also the Nepali Congress (NC) is flexing its political muscle by organizing street protests and mass demonstrations in different parts of the country against the HoR dissolution. It is known to them that the case is under deliberation at the Supreme Court(SC), and its final verdict is yet to come, However, the Prachand-Madhav Nepal faction seems to be intentionally ignoring this situation and trying