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Committing genocide?

  Committing genocide? The government’s recent decision not to provide costs related to test and treatment of Covid-19 to general public, infected people have stopped visiting health service outlets. This situation will rapidly increase the number of virus infected persons in the coming days. In fact, contact tracing of the infected people in the earlier days was also not effective. Health professionals and experts opine that the government’s decision not to pay for tests and treatment of Covid-19 for the citizens could lead to massive spread of the virus in the community. The people have now stopped visiting the health centres for tests and treatment following the government’s unconstitutional decision. The government seems to be staying away from its constitutional responsibility of providing basic health services and providing free treatment for pandemic diseases to general public. It has even disrespected Supreme Court’s recent directives asking it to provide free health serv

No desire to become prime minister

No desire to become prime minister While I was going through the Kathmandu Post of various dates,  I noticed an interesting article by Anil Giri published on February 14, 2020 about Pushpa Kamal Dahal aka Prachanda, Chairperson of Nepal Communist Party (CPM), I could not resist myself for sharing in my blog for my regular readers. Without elaborating this article, I decided to summarize only the main events which are included in Anil Giri’s article.   The chairman has an identity crisis Pushpa Kamal Dahal is torn between his two selves: an insidious, crafty Prachanda who will go on the offensive to get what he wants, and a gentle, pragmatic Pushpa Kamal who can placate opposing factions and win over the media. Pushpa Kamal Dahal is a man divided. At the final session of Kantipur Conclave last week, Pushpa Kamal, dressed in a dark suit with a matching topi and a silk tie, appeared relaxed and confident, speaking at length about himself, his journey and his ambitions. “I have

Who am I? A corrupt politician or a coward citizen

  Who am I? A corrupt politician or a coward citizen I am not so sure about others who are hell-bent towards political parties and their leaders, could be for their personal interests and benefits. There were and are some leaders in all the major political parties whom I happened to be either their college friends, working friends or relatives. During my college time, I was repeatedly asked and pushed to get involved in the then students union. For some known and unknown reasons, I never wanted to be directly involved in politics. Could be, my subconscious mind did not allow me to step into politics. I see these days some of my politician college friends, working friends and politician relatives enjoying their luxurious life styles. On the other side, I see the majority of the people are struggling to make their both ends meet.   I find myself in between them. If I had joined the politics, I would be nowhere because of my emotional behaviour and lack of insincerity. I would not be

Another popular revolt in Nepal?

  Another popular revolt in Nepal? I hope, I will not be wrong, when I frequently say that Nepal and its people have seen many ups and downs in its political history. However, there have not been any significant changes in the political behaviour of political parties and their leaders who do not hesitate to claim to be the champion of democracy. Our democracy movement is a series of political movements from the 20th century to 2008 that advocated the establishment of representative democracy, a multi-party parliamentary system and constitutional monarchy and now a federal republic. Now, the country is governed by two-thirds majority government of the Nepal Communist Party for the last three years. The people had enthusiastically participated and voted in the three tiers of general elections held in 2074 BS with high hope of seeing stable political environment and strong government. It seems now that the people’s hopes and expectations are gradually fading away looking at the slug