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Unexpected scenario

  The Himalayan Times 14 April 2021 Unexpected scenario One should not be surprised seeing the existing political mess, created by the undemocratic political activities of some of the senior leaders of major political parties, which must be giving them a real political shock. I hope, they will realize their past political blunder in time and take conciliatory political moves. Otherwise, it could prove a costly political affair for them in the coming days.   It has been almost two months since the Nepali Congress, the Maoist Centre and the JSP-N, who had vehemently objected to PM Oli’s decision to dissolve the HoR, have not been able to form a new government “JSP-N still to take a call on dumping Oli's government” (THT. 14 April, Page 2). It seems that they are busy bargaining among themselves to fulfil their own personal agenda rather than holding discussing about national agenda and reaching a consensus to form the next government. This situation has given Oli’s government

Be patriotic leaders

  Be patriotic leaders It will not be surprising to see another coalition government in near future based on the interest of foreign powers. That is how the Nepali politics works and has been going on in the same trend for decades. The people have been experiencing most unproductive politics during the last 15 years. Many unconstitutional moves were taken in the name of the peoples’ movement and 12 points agreement that was taken place in foreign land in between the then seven party alliance and Maoist.    The factional politics and the politics for power has been the crux of the national political mess. Having said all this, why doesn’t the NC, who claims to be the champion of safe-guarding democracy, convince other parties to go for the mid-term or early polls either under its leadership or supporting the Oli led government for seeking fresh mandate of the people? If the NC takes such bold and decisive actions, it is for sure the people will appreciate its role and might give it a