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Coronavirus infection rate increasing

  It is not encouraging news to listen and read about gradual increase of COVID 19 infection cases after easing the lockdown. The Ministry of Health and Population has warned that the infection rate of Covid-19 is increasing with the relaxation of regulatory measures in the Country. According to the ministry, the infection rate has seen an upward trend since last week. Following the loosening of the prohibitory orders, the ministry claims that there has been an increasing number of violations of public health guidelines both openly and covertly. Concerned health authorities have thus urged all to handle the matter's sensitivity and act responsibly for effective control and prevention of the increasing spread of Covid, and strictly follow the health guidelines. Likewise, people visiting vaccination booths to receive their jab have also been requested to take adequate caution. Source:

Verdict more than expected

  The Himalayan Times 15 July 2021 Verdict more than expected It was the outcome of marathon deliberations between Oli and Madhav-Khanal factions of the UML to come to 10 points agreement “UML taskforce finally strikes a ten-point agreement” (THT, July 12, Page 1). But, for what was the purpose that motivated to do so? Was it for the nation and the people who are having hard time for the past one and half years due to the life threatening COVID-19 pandemic or for their own political benefits? Was it simply a political drama to distract the people from important issues and concerns and sluggish management of the government? Many questions could be raised about their unproductive politics they played in the past.    The 10 point agreement became public just a day before the scheduled Supreme Court’s final verdict on the HoR dissolution. Were both the factions speculating that the verdict would come in favour of dissolution? Alas, the verdict went against the HoR dissolution “Suprem

All eyes on the SC

  The Himalayan Times 8 July 2021 Answer about the life of the dissolved House of Representatives (HOR) will remain unknown unless and until the Supreme Court (SC) gives its final verdict in a few days’ time. If it gives its verdict in favour of HoR dissolution, then the country has to go for the snap polls scheduled for November 12 and 19. In that case, question and concern will arise as to whether the country will be able to hold the elections at a time when the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is giving the country and people a hard time. Also, the third wave of pandemic is more likely to be on its way as recently announced by the World Health Organisation.  Nevertheless, the snap polls can take place if the government is sincere and committed to make it happen. Then the question arises, whether the voters will show up during the polls, as they have already witnessed the horrific phase of the second wave of the pandemic and untimely deaths of hundreds of people due to t

Democratic image of NC

The Himalayan Times 1 July 2021 The Nepali Congress (NC), which has politically almost lost its democratic image and the main opposition role these days while closely looking at its dubious role, has proposed to hold its 14th general convention on September 1-4, nine days after the previously announced dates amidst uncertainty caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The party has to organise its general assembly by mid-September as per the constitutional obligation. The convention is expected to elect new leadership from the centre down to the local levels. Sher Bahadur Deuba was elected the party president for four years during the 13th general convention held in March, 2016, He is again vying for the position after completing his first four-year term. Likewise, there are other senior leaders including Bimalendra Nidhi, talking about contesting for the post against Deuba in the upcoming convention “Nidhi to vie for top NC post” (THT, June 20, Page 2). Time has come for the NC’s sen