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Controversial citizenship bill back to Parliament

Controversial citizenship bill back to Parliament  President Bidhya Devi Bhandari returned the controversial citizenship amendment Bill to the House of Representatives for review which was expected after she held consultations with various stakeholders, legal experts, and groups to seek their feedback on the bill. The Bill had been adopted by both Houses of Parliament adapting a fast track method before it was sent for presidential assent. She sent the bill back to the House of Representatives as per the Article 113 (3) of the Constitution of Nepal. According to the constitutional provision, there was a deadline of 15 days for President Bhandari either to authenticate the bill or return it back to the Parliament. There was a wide criticism on the amended bill from different walks of life including the opposition lawmakers, constitutional experts, intellect individuals and fringe political parties. EARN JUST BY CLICKING ADS It remains to be seen whether the Parliament takes init