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Conflict victims’ sufferings

The Himalayan Times 3 November 2023 Conflict victims’ sufferings The Maoist conflict in the country was a dark period in the country's political history considering its past and present impact in the national political situation and social and cultural environment. About 17,000 people lost their lives in the decade-long so called people’s war, almost pushing the nation towards political, social and economic disintegration. Although the conflict formally came to an end nearly 17 years ago, the scars of this bloody war are still fresh. All the conflict victims are still waiting for appropriate and lawful justice. It has been utmost necessary for the major political parties to move on from this violent past and build a peaceful future by resolving the long-pending transitional justice issue. The 10 year long armed conflict came to a formal end with the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement and the promulgation of the Interim Constitution of Nepal in 2007. The then gov