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Health delivery service

The Himalayan Times 13 October 2023 Health delivery service The 2015 constitution has converted Nepal into a federal structure, with significant reforms of the health delivery system in terms of both structure and devolution of power and authority. Moving from a unitary system to a three-level federal system of government, the then national health delivery system was restructured accordingly to meet the needs of the new political and organisational structure. As the nation transitioned from a unitary system to the federal structure, governance system underwent a profound transformation. This shift had a significant impact on healthcare delivery services among others and demanded many changes to meet the needs of the hour “PM Dahal expresses determination to resolve problems in the health sector” (THT, October 11, Page 1). Decentralization became, even in the federal structure, a key process that required a harmonised effort of all the concerned authorities to ensure that h

Ruling vs opposition parties

The Himalayan Times 6 October 2023 Ruling vs opposition parties Parliamentary democracy is based on the party system of government answerable to the House of Representatives (HoR). Such a democracy is governed by two parties: ruling and opposition parties, although in a parliamentary democracy, decisions are taken on a majoritarian basis. However, both the ruling and opposition parties have a crucial role to play in strengthening parliamentary democracy. These two parties should work in   the interests of their country and people even though their functions and responsibilities are different. While the ruling party governs, the opposition should play the role of making the ruling party accountable to the country and people by closely monitoring each and every action of the government. However, these democratic practices are not often seen in national politics. If a political party plays the role of an effective opposition, it can give a tough time to the ruling party if it t