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Suhang Nembang- A Rising Young Political Leader.

Suhang Nembang of CPN-UML overwhelmingly won by-election held in Ilam-2 conducted by the Election Commission on Saturday. He seems to be one of the youngest person to win the by-election among the other lawmakers of the other major political parties . As per the vote count results updated by the commission, Nembang won the House of Representatives seat by garnering 27,772 votes while his closest rival Dambar Bahadur Khadka of the Nepali Congress secured 21,942 votes. He managed to garner 5830 more votes than the NC candidate. It remains to be seen how the UML uses his this victory and law background in the days to come.

Federalism failing the nation

The Himalayan Times 22 April 2024 Federalism failing the nation The nation became a federal state with three tiers of government in place after the promulgation of the 2015 constitution. However, the concept of and initial enthusiasm for federalism has gradually started fading away and getting negative feedback from the common people, who seem to be totally unhappy with the performance and relevancy of the second tier of government. In fact, federalism is a political system based upon democratic rules and institutions in which the power to govern is shared among the national, provincial and local governments. However, this practice of sharing and devolving power and authority, especially between the federal and provincial governments does not seem to be appropriately working thus making the second tier of government dysfunctional.    Furthermore, the frequent changes inviting political uncertainty in the provincial governments and unbearable administrative expense have posed

Looming political turmoil

The Himalayan Times 12 April 2024 Looming political turmoil With the promulgation of the new constitution in 2015, people had expected the nation to embark on the path of political stability, ending its long history of political uncertainty and move ahead on the path towards progress and prosperity. However, despite the clearly spelled out principles and values within the constitutional framework, the nation continues to struggle with the political instability due to irresponsible, insensible and power hungry political acts of senior leaders of major political parties pushing the nation towards social, political and economic crisis. Will it be wrong to say that the national politics has really become a dirty game after the elections of November 20 of 2022? In the last six months, people painfully witnessed the senior leaders and their parties swiftly switching their political partners while forming the coalition government making the nation politically more vulnerable. The

Bold and wise decision

The Himalayan Times 5 April 2024 Bold and wise decision It is known to everybody that an education is to acquire knowledge, skills, values, and attitudes that help to shape one’s life. That’s why, it is essential for the government to create disciplined, civilized, worthy, qualified, knowledgeable, and skilled citizens in the country keeping in mind the necessity of their roles in the national prosperity and development. However, it seems that the education sector especially public schools and colleges have been simply a place for the political parties to generate their political cadres to be used for their personal and parties’ political interest since the past few decades. In fact, a significant number of teachers are involved in political parties-affiliated teacher’s associations, which are primarily used during elections. Due to the unproductive political games , the educational quality in the higher educational institutions, such as TU and its affiliated public campuses