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Rabi Lamichhane’s hidden political agenda

Rabi Lamichhane’s hidden political agenda It was good to see Rabi Lamichhane jumping into the political arena as an independent candidate and promising to contest in the upcoming federal level election. However, he did not mention anything about the name of constituency that he is contesting from.  He expressed his deep concern about the people facing hardship in their daily lives owing to the irresponsible and insensible political acts of corrupt leaders. He claimed that his entry into the politics was nothing but to punish the corrupts and deliver services to the satisfaction of the common people. HELLO NEPAL However, I am hearing from some political critics, groups and individuals about his political manifests which they think that he did not seem his homework properly done. His own brother Hari Sharan Lamichhane told to the media persons that Rabi did not consult with him about his political journey and opines that Rabi was hurry to announce his entry into the political arena. It

Are they trying to make NEPAL a battle field?

Are they trying to make NEPAL a battle field? It will be very unfortunate for Nepal and its people if foreign troops landed in Nepali soil as opined by opposition lawmakers and some ruling parties’ lawmakers in the on-going parliament session, political analysts and other groups and individuals in other forums citing some of the elements included in the State Partnership Programme (SPP).   We hope the senior leaders of major political parries are not trying to deceive the nation and the people the way they deceived in ratifying MCC programme through the Parliament. Listening to this YouTube program, I am nervous with the way the speakers pointing fingers to those who are behind inviting unnecessary trouble for the nation. 

Who are the political culprits?

Who are the political culprits? For the past few days, both the ruling and opposition parties are blaming each other for inviting State Partnership Programme (SPP) in Nepal. Lawmakers of coalition government and main opposition were seen pointing fingers to and blaming each other during the on-going HoR session. They did the same thing during the previous session regarding the MCC. Both the ruling and opposition parties blamed each other for inviting the MCC. However, MCC was ratified by the Parliament amidst political drama staged by the opposition lawmakers and even by some of the ruling party’s lawmakers. Who knows, what is behind this on-going political blame game also about the SPP? They might be staging the same deceitful political drama for signing the SPP fooling around the people, the way they did fool the people while ratifying the MCC by the parliament.   If you are interested to know more about SPP, here is the link. What is State Partnership Programme 

Is federalism really working?

  Is federalism really working? The National Assembly has asked the government to fully implement federalism after unanimously passing the stricture. The move comes in the backdrop of provincial and local governments' grudge against the federal government for not enacting umbrella laws and frequently interfering in their jurisdiction. It is hoped that the committee formed to look into the federalism and its implementing structure will recommend to the House for its discontinuation considering its huge financial burden on the nation and the people. Instead, it is expected that the committee will recommend to fully implement the Local Self-Governance (LSG) Act-1999 instead of federal structure.   HELLO NEPAL In fact, the LSG Act had made provisions to give local governments jurisdiction over primary education, local services, and local infrastructure, but those provisions were not implemented by the then governments for their personal political benefits. Had the provisions of the

Rato Machindranath Jatra 2022 .

      The 1600 years old Rato Machhindranath Jatra (Festival) is a festival celebrated in dedication to the Lord of the Rain in the Kathmandu valley. Machhindranath is viewed as a god of good harvest and prosperity. It is the most ancient Jatra in Nepal and taken as one of the most significant festivals in Patan. The chariot is pulled throughout the town- Patan, with a route of Natole, Gabahal, Mangal Bazaar, Sundhara, Lagankhel, Kumaripati and ends in Jawalakhel displaying a Bhoto. The chariot is made out of a bamboo and wood and the Lord Macchindranath's statue is placed in the chariot. Chariot procession of Rato Macchendranath normally starts by end of April or early May of every year. However, the local authority was not able to celebrate it for the last two years due to COVID-19 pandemic. That is why this 2022 Jatra was enthusiastically celebrated by the local people with much vigour.  YouTube Source:  RATO MACHHINDRANATH CHARIOT FESTIVAL-2022