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Nation losing its dignity

The Himalayan Times
11 August 2023

Nation losing its dignity

The November 20 election for the voters was not only for electing their new representatives, but also about selecting such representatives who could sincerely, realistically and appropriately address their issues and concerns, thus gradually relieving them from their hardships. However, instead of serving the people and the nation, most of the elected representatives have been using their positions to promote the interest of their political parties and their own. Corrupt politics and bad governance have been untiring issues in national politics for many years, especially in the last three decades. Bad governance is a major concern in national politics as the political leaders have failed to provide basic services as per the people’s expectation. Corruption is deeply embedded itself in the system, and it has become increasingly difficult to root it out.

Almost all the past governments failed to create hope and confidence among the common people. Since the promulgation of the 2015 constitution, the nation has been experiencing the federal structure with the three tiers of government.  Owing to lack of accountability and transparency in these governments, poor management of public resources has resulted in incomplete development projects, thus disappointing the local population. Corruption is rampant in all the three levels of government as per the recent annual report of the Auditor General’s office. None of the past and this government have been able to address the national prime issues, such as,  poverty, unemployment, sky-rocketing market prices of consumable goods and controlling corruption, among others. 

The current political situation itself shows that the country is losing its unique charm and national dignity in the international arena because of big corruption scams involving high profile political leaders and bureaucrats. The recent fake Bhutanese refugee scam, Lalita Niwas land grabbing scam and a haul of a quintal of gold outside the Kathmandu airport have tarnished the nation’s global image, sending negative messages to the international community. Political analysts opine that elected political leaders are failing to maintain the minimum political morality and parliamentary democratic norms and values.

Rai Biren Bangdel