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Nation in trouble

 The Himalayan Times

5 January 2024

Nation in trouble

Looking closely at the on-going insensible and irresponsible political activities of major political parties, they have completely failed to meet the expectations of the people who desired to see their nation as a flourishing democratic nation with peace, prosperity and stable and strong government. In the last 15 years, following the announcement of the nation as a federal democratic republic in 2008, and particularly after the promulgation of the constitution under a new political structure, the nation seems to be falling into disorder, showing all the characteristics of a failed or failing state. Rampant corruption, increasing impunity, extreme poverty, weak governance, lack of access to basic services and an unstable political situation are some of the primary features of a failing state.

It seems that the corruption, seen as an accepted national norm, has gripped every level of government and state institutions. Corruption, in any form, such as bribery, embezzlement, favouritism, nepotism, protectionism, or extortion, seems to be prevalent here and there. The nation is engulfed with full of corruption scams. People have also seen that the political parties especially the so-called big parties, at any moment, can unite and break up before or after elections or during government formations for their personal benefits and party interests rather than for the national interests. The recent killing of two individuals during demonstration has raised concerns of government using excessive force “Death of protesters sparks debate on use of force” (THT, January 2, Page 1).

Rai Biren Bangdel